Dark was the Night: Blu-Ray Review

dark was the night

Arriving on DVD and Blu-ray this week is “Dark was the Night”, starring Kevin Durand, Lucas Haas, and directed by Jack Heller. Durand has a pretty impressive body of work that dates back to 1997, however until now, he has remained a supporting player. This is the first time “The Strain” star has been cast in the lead and he does a pretty solid job carrying it.

Set in the remote town of Maiden Woods, Sheriff Paul Shields (Durand) is having a rough time. Paul blames himself for the death of his son. Unable to deal with is or seek therapy, Paul’s wife Susan (Bianca Kajlich) and their other son Adam (Ethan Khusidman) move out of the house and in with Susan’s mother.

If Paul’s life wasn’t trying enough, things suddenly get a lot more difficult. The Sheriff and Deputy Donny Saunders (Haas) discover strange hoof-prints going all the way through town and into the woods. What makes this even stranger is that no animal known to exist can make the type of prints that were made. Initially Paul writes this off as someone doing an elaborate prank, but when animals start to go missing around the town and residents start getting attacked, Paul and Donny realize that something deadly has arrived in town.

“Dark was the Night” is a slow build but at the same time a really well made creature feature with a great atmospheric tone. The cast, including Haas (who doesn’t work enough in my opinion) are great. This is one worth checking out.

By: Marc Ferman

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