Run, Hide, Die: Movie Review

run hide die

Arriving this week on DVD and VOD is the horror film “Run, Hide, Die”, directed by Collin Joseph Neal (Altered). First of all, let me say that I absolutely love the title. That was all I needed to pique my interest. A slasher flick with an amazing title, I was ready for 75 minutes of enjoyment.

Now let’s be clear. I wasn’t expecting high art or anything fantastic, I just really wanted to enjoy it. I have seen so many found-footage and haunted house films lately, I just wanted a classic teens getting chopped to bits by a deranged killer kind of film. “Run, Hide, Die” on paper was exactly what I was craving, but when it came to watching it unfold before my eyes, all I wished for was it to end. This is bad, really bad.

The story centers on Addison (Alison Monda), a young woman whose husband was found murdered exactly one year ago. On the anniversary of his death, Addison and her girlfriends head to their summer cabin so that they can spend some time healing. The retreat soon turns deadly when the four friends are terrorized by someone who has a bone to pick.

I don’t want to giveaway who this killer is, even though it is revealed halfway through, but let me just say that as annoying as the film was leading up to the bloodbath, the killer was just plain awful. I hated that particular performance so much that I actually rooted for the annoying girls to turn the tables.

Horror fans like myself will probably be drawn to the awesome title “Run, Hide, Die” and want to give it a look, but I strongly urge them to reconsider because there is absolutely nothing here worth wasting a moments time on.

By: Marc Ferman

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