Shakedown: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving on Blu-ray this week is the 1988 action-crime-drama, “Shakedown” starring Peter Weller and Sam Elliott. Although this was a theatrical release that came out the year after Weller hit it big with “Robocop” there was something about “Shakedown” that set it apart from other films of its’ ilk released at the time. Writer/director James Glickenhaus was known more for being a producer on such B-Movie classics as “The Exterminator”, “Maniac Cop”, “Frankenhooker”, and the “Basket Case” films. The characters in “Shakedown” live in a world where those type of films light up the New York theater marquees. I loved watching the characters walk/drive down the streets, looking at what was playing in the theaters at the time. That details ads to the charm of “Shakedown”, a well-cast action film with B-Movie sensibilities.

As for the story, if you haven’t seen it before, it centers on public defender Roland Dalton (Weller) trying to prove that his client is being wrongfully accused of killing a cop. Helping Dalton out is detective Richie Marks (Sam Elliott), a renegade narcotics agent who is fully aware that most of his brothers in blue are as corrupt as they come.  “Shakedown” is filled with drug dealers, gun fights, chases through New York, and a poorly green-screened final act involving Richie Marks and an airplane. “Shakedown” works mainly because of its’ stars but I have always enjoyed the tone of the film. If you are a fan, Shout! Factory delivers a solid release with interview and commentary from Glickenhaus.

Bonus Features

  • NEW Introduction By Writer And Director James Glickenhaus
  • NEW Audio Commentary With James Glickenhaus
  • NEW Shakedown Breakdown – An Interview With James Glickenhaus
  • NEW Miles Over The Limit – James Glickenhaus Discusses Miles Davis
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

By: Marc Ferman