That Awkward Moment: Movie Review

that awkward moment

The new rom-com “That Awkward Moment” has a handful of funny moments, but that’s about all it has.  With a cast that features Miles Telller and Michael B. Jordan, it’s a crying shame that not even those majorly talented actors could elevate the sub-par screenplay by first-time writer/director Tom Gormican. I did not have high hopes going in, but I felt that the leads would at least help deliver something entertaining.  Aside from those few laughs, “That Awkward Moment” is pretty much a bust.

If you have seen the trailers, then you know the whole movie. Three friends agree to stay single, but two of them wind up getting in relationships, leaving the third friend clueless.  Jason (Zac Efron) winds up with Ellie (Imogen Poots). Daniel (Miles Teller) winds up with Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) winds up having an affair with his own wife, who wants to divorce him because she is sleeping with her divorce lawyer.  Make sense?

Of course, like most rom-coms , the main characters are not quite honest with each other and that causes trouble, up until the point where they suddenly tell the truth and everyone lives happily ever after.  Hey, at least I got to giggle every 27 minutes or so.  That counts for something right?

“That Awkward Moment” isn’t the worst film of its type, but it is also instantly forgettable.  Let’s hope Teller and Jordan get much better projects than this in the near future.

By: Marc Ferman

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