The Houses October Built 2: Blu-Ray Review

2014’s “The Houses October Built” was a surprising and effective horror film which was set in the world of haunted houses during the Halloween season.  Filmmaker Bobby Roe delivered something very creepy and fresh from an already stale found-footage format.  Because the film found some success on home video and streaming, we now have a sequel and I have to say, I was thoroughly disappointed.

The five stars of the first film, Mikey Roe, Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe, Jeff Larson and Brandy Schaefer are back once again going on tour, searching for the world’s best haunts.  It’s only a matter of time before they find their way to the Blue Skeleton for the ultimate terror.

I really wanted “The Houses October Built 2” to continue with what the first film introduced us to, but the first issue I had was with the same characters coming back for more. I am sorry, but after what they went through the first time, especially Brandy, I just couldn’t buy into them wanting to go back to that world. Still, it wouldn’t be a true horror film if the leads weren’t making stupid decisions.  The biggest problem with this sequel is that it is mind-numbingly boring.  It takes them forever to get to the haunts and when they do, they are uninspired. We even get a 5K race which just feels out of place.  None of the elements that worked the first time are here for the sequel. The whole film feels more like a rushed afterthought and it’s a shame because there was definite franchise potential.

I can’t image there will be a Part 3 after people see this one but if there is, I hope Roe and his team are able to bring back the magic of the first film.

By: Marc Ferman