Army of Frankensteins: Blu-Ray Review

army of frankensteins

Arriving on Blu-ray this week courtesy of Scream Factory is “Army of Frankensteins” and this one is definitely not for everyone. It is bad, really bad. However it is the type of terrible that certain horror fans will love. Usually I am a sucker for this kind of low budget goofy horror but “Army of Frankensteins” just didn’t do it for me.

Life isn’t going the way Alan (Jordan Farris) hoped for. He has been fired from his job at the grocery store. He is three months behind on his rent and he just caught his girlfriend kissing his former boss. To make matters worse, Alan has been abducted by Doctor Tanner Finski (John Ferguson), then has his eyeball removed and placed into the Frankenstein monster. It doesn’t stop there, during the process of reanimating the creature, a hole is ripped in the space-time continuum where Alan, the Doctor, and Igor are sent back in time to the Civil War. Oh and there are an army of Frankensteins there too. Oh yeah, this is really stupid.

Like I said, there are plenty of individuals out there that will fall in love with “Army of Frankenstiens”. Even though I can’t personally recommend it. It may be worth checking out if you have a sweet tooth for terrible.

By: Marc Ferman

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