Easy Money/ Men at Work (Double Feature): Blu-Ray Review

easy money men at work

Arriving on Blu-ray this week is the double feature “Easy Money” and “Men at Work”, courtesy of Shout! Factory. Honestly, I would have never thought to release these two comedies as a double feature. However, Shout! considers them blue collar comedies and so I guess that makes sense. Regardless, I have always been a fan of both films and I am more than happy to own them both, even on the same disk.

I miss Rodney Dangerfield, and “Easy Money” is arguably one of his absolute best comedies. It is probably my second favorite film lead by the late comedian, coming right after “Back to School”. “Easy Money” really makes the best use of “Dangerfield’s talents though and watching his character Monty, struggle with not being able to drink, smoke, gamble or eat junk food is awesome. Adding to the greatness is Joe Pesci as Monty’s friend.

“Men at Work” was the second film that was written and directed by star Emilio Estevez. His first film, “Wisdom” was a flop (though I liked it), and although critics were not a fan of “Men at Work” either, it still did pretty decent upon its theatrical release. I always liked the chemistry between Emilio and his brother Charlie and that is one of the main reasons I feel “Men at Work” works.
If you do not own these films already and if you are a fan, this is definitely worth picking up.

By: Marc Ferman

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