The Editor: Blu-Ray Review

the editor

Arriving this week on Blu-ray is Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy’s Italian giallo genre satire “The Editor”. Those who are fans of 70’s slasher filmmakers Dario Argento and Mario Bava are going to fine a lot to love with this Canadian horror-comedy that pays tribute to the Italian gruesome horror genre subgenre. Although I personally am not a huge fan of that particular type of film, I have to say, I absolutely loved “The Editor”.

The career of film editor Rey Ciso (Adam Brooks) is not what it once was. After suffering a mental breakdown and accidently losing his fingers, the once famed editor is now reduced to cutting trashy pulp films. Rey’s wife Josephine (Paz de la Huerta) has very little respect for her husband now, calling him a cripple to his face and putting him down in public.

When cast and crew started getting picked off, Rey becomes the number one suspect, since the victims fingers have been cut off as well. As Rey tried to prove his innocence, things continue to point more and more in Rey’s direction.

“The Editor” is just so much fun. Brooks and Kennedy know how to properly honor the genre it is satirizing, not one making the film come off as stupid or like it’s trying too hard. It gets everything just right. You don’t have to be a fan of the Italian films that inspired it, to get the humor in it, though it does help if you have seen a couple of them. “The Editor” is a must own for any horror fan or lover of film in general.

Bonus Features
• Audio Commentary With Adam Brooks, Connor Sweeney And Matt Kennedy
• “Making Movies Used To Be Fun” – Making-Of Documentary
• Music And Poster Featurettes
• Astron-6 Film Festival Introduction
• Deleted Scenes

By: Marc Ferman

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