Adulterers: DVD Review


Arriving on DVD and digital video this week is psychological drama “Adulterers”, directed by H.M. Coakley. Thanks to some solid performances from Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen from TV’s “Supergirl”), Danielle Savre (“Heroes”), and Sean Faris (“Pretty Little Liars”), “Adulterers” winds up being a passable and mildly entertaining story about how one might react to catching their spouse in the act of adultery.

When Sam (Faris) leaves work early to surprise his wife Ashley (Savre) on their anniversary with flowers and candy, the last thing he would expect is to find the love of his life having sex with another man in their bed. That is the setup in “Adulterers”. Sam has a few options. He can barge in and stop the sexing. He can quietly go downstairs and wait it out in the living room, or he can go grab his gun hold them both hostage in the bedroom and have about 80 minutes with of heated discussions. Yep, Sam chooses option three.

“Adulterers” has a surprising amount of religious moments that involve the bible and crosses, but it also has nudity and graphic sex. At times it feels like one of those faith based films, only rated R. Most of the story is set in the bedroom and the dialogue does get intense, especially from the enraged Sam. “Adulterers” is simply OK. I liked the cast, but I wish things were taken in a more believable direction. I don’t want to give away the ending but I just didn’t buy the film’s final moments.

By: Marc Ferman

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