Pulp Fiction: 4K UHD Review

Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film Pulp Fiction is arguably one of the most impactful releases of the decade. It remains one of my favorite titles in the director’s [...]

December 5, 2022 // 0 Comments

Creepshow Season 3: Blu-Ray Review

Originally airing on Shudder in the fall of 2021, Creepshow season 3 finally arrives on DVD and Blu-ray. While none of the seasons have been perfect with segments varying in [...]

December 4, 2022 // 0 Comments

Clerks III: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving on Blu-ray this week is the third and final installment of Kevin Smith’s Clerks franchise, aptly titled, Clerks III. The following review was from the film’s [...]

December 3, 2022 // 0 Comments

WALL·E (Special Edition): 4K UHD Review

Writer/director Andrew Stanton worked on numerous Disney/Pixar projects like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc. However, my favorite feature of his would be 2008’s [...]

November 24, 2022 // 0 Comments

A Christmas Story: 4K UHD Review

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. released a few of their holiday classics on 4K UHD for the first time. They included Elf, The Polar Express, National Lampoon’s Christmas [...]

November 22, 2022 // 0 Comments

5-25-77: Blu-Ray Review

Available on Blu-ray and DVD this week is writer/director Patrick Read Johnson’s coming-of-age film, 5-25-77. Loosely based on his own life, the production spanned nearly [...]

November 21, 2022 // 0 Comments

Elf: 4K UHD Review

While the 80’s and 90’s brought us a handful of Christmas classics that people watch every year during the holiday season, there haven’t been many over the last two [...]

November 12, 2022 // 0 Comments

The Kindred (Special Edition): Blu-Ray Review

Last year Synapse Films released a limited pressing steelbook of Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter’s 1987 creature-feature, The Kindred.  This week sees the film’s [...]

October 24, 2022 // 0 Comments

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