Friday the 13th: 8-Movie Collection: Blu-Ray Review

There have been quite-a-few Friday the 13th collections released, both on Blu-ray and DVD over the years. Last year saw the beautiful box set from Scream Factory, which included all the films in the original series and the remake. Each film was given its’ own disk and some of the titles were remastered. It is a fantastic set for those willing to shell out over $100 for it. For those on a bit of a tighter budget, Paramount released the 8-film collection Blu-ray earlier this month, which may not include anything produced after Jason Takes Manhattan, but thankfully does include remasters of the first for films. For a reasonably priced $50, it is nice alternative to the more expansive, yet more expensive collection already on the market.

Unlike the Scream Factory release, only the first four films come on dedicated disks, for many that isn’t a big issue, but since Jason Lives (Part VI) is my favorite installment, I would have preferred it being on its’ own. It’s honestly not that big of a deal. Where the new Paramount release surpasses last year’s collection is that this time around, digital codes are included. For the first time, Friday the 13th 1-4 remastered are available to own digitally. This should make many fans happy as they are not always in reach of their physical media when the urge to see Jason hack away at teenagers takes hold.

If you are looking to own the best looking F13 releases around on a budget, I recommend grabbing the 8-film collection.

By: Marc Ferman